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5 Beautiful Hong Kong Nature Attractions Visited in Winter

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Tourist attractions in Hong Kong, what remembered was a city that was developed and modern. However, did you know that 40% of the land in Hong Kong is protected green land? In addition, Great Winter Road Trip Destinations, trekking, or seeing nature in Hong Kong. In winter, the weather in Hong Kong is relatively cold, cool, and rarely heavy rain. Conversely, the weather in Hong Kong will be very hot and humid in summer and tend to be cloudy in spring.

Even more fun, it only takes 20-30 minutes to get to these natural attractions. There is increasingly no reason not to see Hong Kong’s nature, right? Come on, look at 5 of Hong Kong’s natural destinations that will amaze you in the following!

Hong Kong Wetland Park and Tsim Bei Tsui

Wego’s first recommended natural destinations are Hong Kong Wetland Park and Tsim Bei Tsui. In both of these places, besides being able to explore the other side of Hong Kong, you can also enjoy different views of this cosmopolitan city.

To get to Hong Kong Wetland Park, you can go to Tin Shui Wa MTR Station, then continue with LRT 705 to Tin Sau Station.

At Hong Kong Wetland Park there is Wetland Interactive World where visitors can get a closer look at water birds, fish and other wild animals. In addition, there are also five exhibition halls, a gallery, a projection room, a gift shop, a restaurant and a play area. Hong Kong Wetland Park also holds a birdwatching event from November to March. More detailed information on guided birdwatching tours and other educational event schedules.

After finishing at Hong Kong Wetland Park, you can go to Tsim Bei Tsui by taking LRT 705 to Tin Shui Wai MTR Station, then continue with green number 35 to Tsim Bei Tsui. For a faster transportation alternative, you can also take a taxi from Hong Kong Wetland Park to Tsim Bei Tsui. At Tsim Bei Tsui, you can see vast mangroves and mudflats. Especially in winter, you can see ibis beaked birds like black-faced spoonbills and northern pintails. Don’t forget to bring binoculars to make it look clearer.

Shing Mun Reservoir

Do you want a nature vacation Concepts with your family in Hong Kong? Try Shing Mun Country Park instead. Shing Mun Country Park has a beautiful and easy hiking trail. The path is relatively flat so it is suitable for children and parents. How to get there is also easy. All you have to do is take the MTR to Tsuen Wan Station, exit Exit B2, then take the 82 green minibus from Shiu Wo Street to Shing Mun Reservoir.

Get ready to be amazed by the scenery around the beautiful Shing Mun Reservoir, dozens of species of trees that grow shady, and beautiful butterflies. Yes, this place is known as a spot to see blue-spotted crows and glassy tigers. Oh, yeah, Shing Mun Country Park is also a forest monkey’s abode. So, be careful with your belongings and don’t feed them while on a picnic or trekking.

If you come here with friends, you can also climb higher to Tai Mo Shan, the highest and coldest mountain in Hong Kong. During the winter like now, you can join local residents to see the phenomenon of frost from the top of the mountain.

Wan Chai Gap Road

Besides being well-known as a commercial center of Hong Kong Island, Wan Chai is also famous for having cultural heritage sites. One fun and healthy way to enjoy the historical and cultural side of Wan Chai is through Wan Chai Gap Road. To get there, you can take the MTR to Wan Chai Station, exit via Exit A3, continue with the tram, then get off at O’Brien Road. Slowly, you will feel the noise of the city away and replaced with beautiful green scenery.

You will pass Lee Tung Avenue or Wedding Card Street, the center for making wedding invitation cards that have lasted for generations. Then, there is the Blue House which is a traditional protected lau barrage building. Continue on to Bowen Road, continue to the northern slope of Hong Kong, then end at Lover’s Rock in Happy Valley. This place is special for couples because there is a belief that praying here will be blessed with a happy marriage. Even so, coming alone or with a partner, Lover’s Rock is just as beautiful.

Don’t worry if you have limited time. This 3 kilometer long shady route can be completed in 1.5 hours.

Dragon’s Back

Another beautiful natural tourist destination to visit in winter in Hong Kong is Dragon’s Back. This destination is perfect for you who are climbing for the first time in Hong Kong because the difficulty level is medium and can be completed in 4-5 hours.

Take the MTR to Shau Kei Wan and bus number 9 to To Tai Wan to start your climbing experience. It only takes about 30 minutes of climbing to see Shek O beach stretching from a height. But don’t stop there, continue the journey to Shek O Peak at an altitude of 284 meters. At this highest point, fantastic views of Shek O beach and Big Wave Bay will spoil your eyes. Plus, you can find out why this place is called Dragon’s Back. Tips: Dragon’s Back is great for sunrise or sunset.

Tai Mei Tuk

Did you know that you can ride comfortably and safely along the coast of Hong Kong? Go to the banks of the Shing Mun river in Sha Tin where you can rent a bicycle (prices vary, rent all day starting from HKD55). Starting from here, there is a beachside bicycle route to Tai Mei Tuk. The trip from Sha Tin to Tai Mei Tuk is 22 kilometers by a special bicycle lane that is free of motorized vehicles.

The good thing about cycling on this trail is that you can stop to take pictures as you wish. On the way to Tai Mei Tuk, you will pass the Shing Mun River, Hong Kong Science Park, and Pak Shek Kok Promenade before finally arriving at Tai Mei Tuk. There, you will see a beautiful lake near Plover Cove Reservoir.

Hiking and Cycling Tips in Hong Kong in Winter:

  • Check the weather forecast before leaving.
  • Learn climbing / biking routes before leaving.
  • Wear your beanie, jacket and sweater when visiting Hong Kong. If you need to bring a thermal blanket when hiking. Winter temperatures in Hong Kong can reach 3 degrees!
  • Choose clothing colors that are not flashy especially when you go to Hong Kong Wetland Park to see animals.
  • Bring a flask to keep your drink warm after a cold climb.
  • Wear boots with rubber soles, the road in winter must be slippery.
  • Carry a warm bag with you when traveling in Hong Kong. You can buy warm bags at convenient stores or supermarkets.
  • When cycling, the road around can be foggy, so it’s a good idea to stay on the edge and on the right track.
  • Obey signs when cycling
  • Never hesitate to stop and rest while hiking and biking. The above activities do not have to be carried out hastily. So enjoy and use your time well.
  • In an emergency, call 112 or 999.

There are not many places like Hong Kong that can offer an adventure as well as a cosmopolitan city comfort. Make sure you enjoy the end of the year 2018 with family and friends there!