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Basic Boat Maintenance Tips You Should Know

Boats require maintenance to keep the engine, exterior, propeller, and batteries safe. A regularly maintained vessel will also save you time and money for repairs. Maintenance also helps to prevent boat accidents.

Boat Maintenance Tips

Wash the Exterior

Boats come into contact with various elements in the water. So, regular washing will clear off impurities and preserve its exterior. Use fresh water, formulated soap, boat wax, and a soft brush to clean the outer shell.

Inspect the Propeller

Always ensure to check if the propeller is tight and secure before boating. The inspection also helps to prevent wear and tear, which may cost you lots of money. At times, debris and fishing lines can wrap around the propeller shaft.

Clean the Batteries

Boat batteries tend to degrade after some time. Therefore, ensure you check and clean your batteries every season. Remove the batteries during winter and store them separately to prevent corrosion.

Perform a General Inspection

Make it a routine habit of having a great lakes Yacht sales inspection. Most boaters assume that the vessel is okay just because the engine started. Inspection will help to detect any problem before it’s too late.

Check Bilge Pumps

A bilge pump is used to remove the water inside the boat in case of sinking or leaks. In most cases, pumps fail after debris or objects interfere with their internal section.

Change Oil and Filters Regularly

Just like cars, it is crucial to change the boat’s engine oil and filters frequently. This maintenance practice helps keep the engine parts lubricated, thus improving performance and preventing tears and wear. If you want to do it yourself, check the boat’s manual.

Regular boat maintenance will keep the boat in good shape for many years. A well-maintained boat will save you regular repair costs and accidents. Check the boat’s manual for maintenance tips or consult an experienced boat mechanic.