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Great Ideas for a Short Family Weekend at the Beach

Creative Family Beach Photo Ideas

It’s never too early to plan another trip to the beach with family and friends. With a full day to have fun ahead of you, the list of things to do is endless. Whether it’s for kids or kids at heart, there’s never a dull moment at the beach with the right company. 

Beach Sports

If the water’s too cold and too choppy for you to safely enjoy being in it, then just stay on dry land. You can still have as much fun anyway. There are many different sports you can do on the beach, for instance, such as beach volleyball or frisbee. 

You don’t need to be too strict about the rules too; just play around and have fun for a good time. 

Sand Art

It’s not a trip to the beach if you don’t play in the sand. You can do sandcastles and other sculptures by …

Which Are the Main Water Treatment Process Stages?

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A common saying states that “water is life.” That is so true, considering the many benefits that such a liquid has in your body. However, you need to understand the main advantages of consuming treated water. That is why different companies focus on purchasing a marine water filter to ensure that you consume the right product. In this article, you should equip yourself with the stages that water goes through during its treatment process. Read on to understand better. 

The Steps

Coagulation and Flocculation

This is a slow process whereby the water is mixed with positively charged chemicals to neutralize all the negative charges held by various particles. The chemicals used here include ferric sulfate, aluminum sulfate, and polyaluminum chloride, while the particles include sand, clay, and dirt. 


This is where the sediments are collected at the bottom of the container after surrendering to the force of gravity. …

Basic Boat Maintenance Tips You Should Know

Boats require maintenance to keep the engine, exterior, propeller, and batteries safe. A regularly maintained vessel will also save you time and money for repairs. Maintenance also helps to prevent boat accidents.

Boat Maintenance Tips

Wash the Exterior

Boats come into contact with various elements in the water. So, regular washing will clear off impurities and preserve its exterior. Use fresh water, formulated soap, boat wax, and a soft brush to clean the outer shell.

Inspect the Propeller

Always ensure to check if the propeller is tight and secure before boating. The inspection also helps to prevent wear and tear, which may cost you lots of money. At times, debris and fishing lines can wrap around the propeller shaft.

Clean the Batteries

Boat batteries tend to degrade after some time. Therefore, ensure you check and clean your batteries every season. Remove the batteries during winter and store them separately to …

4 Questions to Ask When Buying a Boat

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In the United States, we love our boats. In fact, according to the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (NMMA), retail unit sales of new boats reached nearly 320,000 units in 2020 — a 13% increase over 2019. 

Whether you are thinking about a new boat to enjoy on your local lakes, cruising down rivers, or talking to the ocean, there are some important factors you will need to consider when you are shopping around. 

What is the boat for?

When you purchase a boat, you’ll need to be clear on why you are buying it. For example, is there a particular activity you are purchasing the watercraft for, such as fishing, skiing, long cruises, etc? From there, you’ll need to know if you are buying the boat to be on a specific type of water.

Are you prepared for the costs?

When you are purchasing a boat, there are many factors …

These are 5 ways to have a luxury vacation without consuming your savings

Ini 5 Cara Liburan Mewah Tanpa Menguras Tabungan

What is your definition of a luxury vacation? Staying in a 5-star hotel or using a well-known business class airline might be the solution for some of you, right? In addition to providing comfort, you will also feel a variety of luxurious facilities that are certainly not to be felt anywhere.

The attractive offers offered are, of course, in accordance with the indicated prices. Therefore, it is not surprising that the term “expensive” is often linked to the meaning of luxury vacations. In fact, there are several ways to get a luxury vacation without using up your savings. Come on, check out the full tips!


1) Be careful when choosing vacation dates

The choice of vacation time turns out to be one of the determining factors of the budget you spend, you know it! The reason is that the price of tickets and accommodation will increase dramatically during …