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3 Ways to Bond With Your Family

With everybody always on their phone or computer, it might feel that you are drifting further apart from your family members despite living in the same house. You might have to work at it, but it is possible to grow closer sooner rather than later. Take these suggestions to get your relationships back on track.

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1. Take a Beach Vacation

Sometimes you get into a rut at home and need to get away for a while. Visiting the ocean can be quite calming or adventurous depending on your lifestyle. If you want to go for longer than just a day trip to the beach, you can check out Bald Head Island vacation rentals. If you are driving, make sure to pack a physical map because GPS can sometimes be finicky. Bring plenty of snacks, water and a first aid kid.

2. Learn a Hobby

If you have personally wanted …

4 Reasons You Should Take Your Family to Old Orchard Beach, ME

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When you have a family, planning a vacation can be a challenge. You need to find a location that has a little something for everyone, no matter what age they are or their interests. If you have pets that you like to include in your adventures, that presents its own challenges. Check out these five reasons why you should put Old Orchard Beach at the top of your list for your next family getaway.

1. It Has the Best Beach in Maine

The main attraction is Maine’s number one beach spot. This seven-mile stretch of pristine sand offers natural beauty and activities the whole gang will love. Little kids and big kids alike can enjoy creating extravagant sandcastles or body surfing in the Atlantic waves.

2. There Are Plenty of Family Friendly Places To Stay

This area caters to families. You can find vacation rentals Maine with beachfront or beach …

There Is Something For Everyone in Cape Cod


Cape Cod is located on a large peninsula that stretches out into the Atlantic Ocean. It is located in Massachusetts, about 70 miles southeast of Boston. These beautiful coastal communities are known for their beaches, top-notch seafood and laid-back atmosphere. If laying on the beach sounds a little boring to you, then don’t fear. There are many adventures to be had in Cape Cod, no matter what type of vacationer you are.


Cape Cod attracts fishermen from up and down the coast because of its plentiful waters. Here you can catch Mackerel, Bass, Tuna and Bluefish. If you don’t have your own boat, there are plenty of fishing boat rental Barnstable MA. This is a great option for vacationers because the captain will supply equipment and bait. No fishing license is necessary when you go out on a licensed boat. These captains are familiar with the area and …

Reasons to Try a Duffy Rental for Your Weekend

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Are you looking to do something new and exciting for the weekend? Perhaps the typical strolls in the park or adventurous hikes on the trails are getting a bit boring for you now. Going to the beach is nice, but what if you want to do more than lounge around? Swimming is not always an option, so what’s there left to do?

You’d be glad to know that there are plenty of other ways to enjoy being on the waters without being actually in it, and one of those ways is by taking out a Newport Duffy rental

What is a Duffy?

A Duffy is a type of lifestyle boat that runs on electricity. It looks similar to a pontoon in build, but can hold as much as a dozen people. Primarily, its use is really intended for a leisurely cruise down the river, to let you enjoy the …

Affordable and Luxurious Birthday Vacations: 3 Ways To Celebrate in Style


Do you have an upcoming birthday? If you are looking to make your celebration extra memorable this year, consider planning a birthday vacation. These trips offer unique ways to celebrate the guest of honor. For your next birthday event, try booking a luxury home rental, an upscale hotel experience or a private island getaway.    

Luxury Home Rental  

When you book your next extravagant Airbnb or VRBO, get the full luxury experience by hiring a private chef for one or all of your meals to help you kick back and relax. Booking a personal chef is not as expensive you may think and can make your event even more special. By picking a beautiful spot, a comfortable rental and having your meals prepped for you, you can enjoy an extravagant vacation at an affordable price.   

Hotel Stay  

Booking a home rental may not be your cup of tea, and you would …