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Santorini Honeymoon in a Luxury Cave House


Santorini is a popular destination for newlyweds, and for good reason: its whitewashed villages, breath-taking views and beautiful beaches provide the perfect backdrop to turn a new page together. With iconic views, romantic honeymoon vibes, the villages and the stunning caldera, Santorini has got to be one of the best places in the world for your honeymoon.

The Secrets of the Perfect Santorini Honeymoon

It’s important when you choose your honeymoon destination that it’s going to offer you opportunities to make amazing memories. Here are some of the top tips you should consider when organising your honeymoon in Santorini.

Santorini offers many activities for newly-weds. Think catamaran sailing cruises around the hidden beaches of the island with stops for swimming in the hot springs by the volcano. Don’t’ forget to include an unforgettable experience in the breath-taking waters of the Aegean Sea and enjoy the delights of Santorini from the boat. For the adventurous traveller who would like to take his first bath in one of these beautiful waters, snorkelling equipment is provided.

Santorini also has large vineyards, and an afternoon sampling the famous Santorini wines with your new partner is an excellent way to spend the day.

The Greek island is known for its beautiful blue sea, but don’t expect powdery white sandy beaches. As it is a volcanic island, the beaches consist mainly of black sand, pebbles and volcanic rock. Santorini’s beaches have a more dramatic kind of beauty, with vibrant volcanic cliffs that are kept in shades of red, black, white and more. Spending some time on the island’s unique beaches is recommended on your Santorini honeymoon.

Your dining options in Santorini are plentiful. Santorini’s best restaurants celebrate the island’s local resources by giving a creative touch to classic Greek dishes. Try the Santorini salad, which contains locally grown tomatoes, capers, feta cheese and onion drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. Also, the tasty tomato fritter is a great starter that can be combined with a variety of other dishes. Fava, a split pea puree is a local delicacy and best eaten with crunchy style village bread.

If culture and local life is important to you, then Santorini won’t disappoint. Head to the ancient site of Akrotiri, the Minoan city that flourished here before the catastrophic volcanic eruption. The site is best visited with a professional guide. Make a bee line also to the lesser visited villages away from the cliff edge, like Pyrgos, Emborio and Megalochori. If you visit Megalochori, make sure you stop and see the heart of Santorini too; it’s a heart shaped viewpoint created by the wind.


When to visit Santorini?

When most travellers decide what is the best time to travel to Greece, they will probably think about the weather. The warm weather on the Greek islands is from June to September, when it is sunny and hot and the water is perfect for swimming. May and October are cooler months but still with plenty of sunshine. If you prefer sightseeing than relaxing on beaches then consider April and even November.


Why you should consider a Cave House in Santorini?


Many newly-weds automatically opt for a hotel for their honeymoon. Some hotels offer private cave houses, but the most sought after is to fully enjoy the atmosphere and privacy of an independent luxury cave house in Santorini. These types of accommodation offer your own space not shared with other guests and concierge services as good as 5-star hotels.