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There Is Something For Everyone in Cape Cod


Cape Cod is located on a large peninsula that stretches out into the Atlantic Ocean. It is located in Massachusetts, about 70 miles southeast of Boston. These beautiful coastal communities are known for their beaches, top-notch seafood and laid-back atmosphere. If laying on the beach sounds a little boring to you, then don’t fear. There are many adventures to be had in Cape Cod, no matter what type of vacationer you are.


Cape Cod attracts fishermen from up and down the coast because of its plentiful waters. Here you can catch Mackerel, Bass, Tuna and Bluefish. If you don’t have your own boat, there are plenty of fishing boat rental Barnstable MA. This is a great option for vacationers because the captain will supply equipment and bait. No fishing license is necessary when you go out on a licensed boat. These captains are familiar with the area and know how to put you on good fishing.


Cape Cod has a rich history that has been respected and restored throughout the years. Historic homes, such as the Hoxie House, show how residents lived in the 17th century. You can take a walking tour of Bass River Village, which was once home to the native Pawkannawkut Indians. History buffs shouldn’t miss the John F Kennedy Memorial site or the Pilgrim Monument. Both places beautifully display the stories of the past and are located close to stunning views and walking paths.


Provincetown is located at the northern tip of Cape Cod and is known for its thriving artist community. It is home to a three-mile stretch of over 40 art museums and the Provincetown Art Association and Museum. On Friday nights, the town has a traditional gallery stroll where galleries host receptions for their new collections. Provincetown is an inclusive community that loves to drink, eat and enjoy art.