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Tips to Save on Berlin, Cheap European Capital for Travel

Good news for Wegonesia who want a vacation to Berlin. The City Costs Barometer Post Office annual report in 2018 stated Berlin was on the list of the 12 cheapest European capitals for tourist destinations. However, without a good guide, an economical vacation will only be a wishful thinking. Wego has a few tips to be able to save your expenses while on vacation in Berlin.

City break Berlin, what you should see on a 4 days visit

Take a tour around the city M100 and M200 buses

Getting around Berlin by taking the M100 and M200 buses is the easiest and cheapest way. The bus runs the Alexanderplatz route to the Bahnhof Zoo and passes many tourist attractions that are most in demand by tourists. The M100 bus passes tourist attractions such as the Television Tower, Museum Island, Brandenburg Gate, the north side of Tiergarten Park, Reichstag, Bellevue Palace, and Siegessäule. Whereas the M200 bus passes through the southern side of Tiergarten Park and Potsdamer Platz.

Use the Berlin WelcomeCard

Getting around the city by M100 and M200 buses can save time and money if you use the Berlin WelcomeCard. This card functions as a public transportation ticket, such as buses and trains, in Berlin as much as you like. Not only valid for 1 adult, but this card also applies to one parent with 3 children (6-14 years). You can get this card with prices starting from 19.90 euros for 48 hours duration up to 46.50 euros for 6 days duration. Not only that, Wegonesia, with this card you can also get discounts of up to 50% at more than 200 tourist attractions and attractions in Berlin, you know!

Visit Free Attractions and Attractions

Berlin has a wide selection of tourist attractions and attractions that you can enjoy without the cost or free! Call it the East Side Gallery. The world’s longest open gallery, part of the Berlin Wall, features paintings by 118 artists from 21 countries. Officially opened on September 28, 1990, this gallery stretches along 1.3 km from Ostbahnhof and Warschauer Straße.

Across the East Side Gallery, there is the Mercedes-Benz Arena which is an indoor arena where many international sports and music events are held. In the front yard of the Mercedes-Benz arena, you can spend time on a picnic or just take a walk on the River Spree.

One of the attractions that Wegonesia should not miss while visiting Berlin is the Reichstag. In this German parliament building you can not only enjoy the beauty of the building, but also its history. In addition, you can also enjoy views of Berlin from the dome of the building. The Reichstag is open every day from 8am to 12pm (last entry time is 10pm). Although there is no charge, it is strongly recommended to make a reservation before visiting.

Attractions and other tourist attractions that you can enjoy for free are the Brandenburg Gate, Unter den Linden, and the Holocaust Memorial. Apart from the Reichstag dome, to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the German capital, Wegonesia can visit the Nationaldenkmal (National Memorial) in Viktoria Park or go to the bridges there such as Behmstraßenbrücke, Eisenbrücke, or Oberbaumbrücke.

Enjoy free art and museums in Berlin

Some museums waive entry fees for children and teenagers up to the age of 18. The State Museum in Berlin on Museum Island, for example. However, many museums also open their permanent exhibitions for free. One of them is the Allied Museum, where you can find out about Berlin’s past in World War II. Wegonesia can also go to Haus der Wannsee-Konferemz (House of the Wannsee Conference) to recall how the National Socialists planned the genocide of European Jews.

In addition, you can also enjoy exhibitions for free at Säulensaal (Hall of Columns) at Rotes Rathaus (Red Town Hall). If you are interested in the German parliamentary system, you can visit the Deutscher Dom (German Dome), or go to the Museum der Stille (Museum of Silence) to meditate.

Watch the Street Parades and Festivals

If Wegonesia travel to Berlin during the summer, don’t miss the series of street parades and festivals held there. To enjoy the parade and the festival is certainly free of charge. One of them is Karneval der Kulturen (Carnival of Cultures), an annual festival that is held for 4 consecutive days. Showcasing the multiculturalism of the city of Berlin which presented more than 5,000 participants.

Fête de la Musique is also a Berlin favorite summer festival. Every year on June 21, musicians and bands will perform live music on 100 stages on public roads, city squares or open parks. Ranging from pop music, rock to reggae played so that it can entertain various communities.

In addition, you can also visit temporary art exhibitions at the Berlin Biennale in several different locations. This year is the 10th year of implementation and has lasted from 9 June to 9 September.

Not only that, the Festival of Lights, which is an annual agenda in Berlin, unfortunately feels to be missed. For 10 days starting October 5-14, 2018, monuments, buildings and roads will be illuminated by amazing projection and video art decorations.

Watching fireworks at the Pyronale World Firework Championship can also be an agenda to enjoy your evenings in Berlin. This year, the championship will be held on 31 August – 2 September 2018.

Hunting for Cheap Goods and Clothing at Flea Market

Travelers without shopping feels incomplete, huh, Wegonesia? Because of the many choices of places you can visit to shop, Berlin is dubbed the Capital of Flea Market or the Capital of the Flea Market. These markets are suitable for just looking around or looking for quality goods at low prices. The items sold are vintage clothing, books, vinyl records, and other antiques. You can go for a book-haul at the Antique and Book Market at the Bode Museum. If you are looking for vintage clothing, you can visit Marheinekeplatz, Mauerpark, Maybach Ufer, or Arkonaplatz.

Street Food Snacks

Life in Berlin is very close to street food, not only delicious but also pocket friendly. What you must try is doner kebab in Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap. This shop is the most popular kebap doner in Germany that you can find at Mehringdamm. For only 3.50 euros you can get an original taste with grilled chicken and vegetables.

Do not miss to taste the Berlin currywurst (curry sausage) at Curry 36. If you want to taste Asian cuisine, you can visit Miss Saigon in Kreuzberg. Available fresh pho, chicken and vegan spring roll, suitable for you who want to eat delicious snacks.