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Visit a unique museum by visiting the Moco Museum

Finding the next location for your travel is not an easy thing to do. Take me for an example, it often takes me between 1-3 months before deciding on where to go to next. Even when the plane has just taken off, I can still worry about having made the right choice. This was exactly the case this time. Last weekend, I went to Amsterdam. I’ve never been there before, but I felt like this is one of those cities that you must have seen in your life. Still, I felt reluctant. I am not that much of a party-animal, so Amsterdam never felt like a good match for me. My friends were still adamant on going. As it turns out, Amsterdam has much more to offer than just a buzzing party-scene. Take for example the Moco Museum. This was a true gem of a Museum the local tipped me on when I was in Amsterdam. And I am glad that they did because the Moco Museum was an amazing experience.

What is the Moco museum

You might have already heard about the Rijksmuseum, where they have the famous Nachtwacht. Off course, the Dutch history has no shortage of famous artists and painters. Take for example Vincent van Gogh or Rembrandt. However, the locals advised me to go to the Moco Museum. This typically Amsterdam museum was an amazing experience. Just like Amsterdam, the Moco Museum is a very chill, relaxed and free place to be. It is able to inspire you and amaze you. The Moco Museum offers a wide collection of contemporary and classical art works. At this museum, you really feel engaged with the art. You can almost experience it due to their smart exhibits. I am therefore very glad the locals tipped me to go here.

Where is the Moco Museum

I actually got the full Dutch experience when I visited the Moco Museum. The locals at the bar near my hotel helped me get a discount code, which is something the Dutch love. Also, I went there by cycling. So I used a discount code and then cycled to the Moco Museum. It really can’t get more Dutch than this. I can really recommend the Moco Museum to everybody. Should you have needed a few reasons to go to Amsterdam, now you’ve got them. I think I will actually get one back on my friends and say that they haven’t really experienced Amsterdam to the fullest.