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Why charter a private jet?

Private Jet Charter for Vacation | Rai Jets Kalamazoo

Why do people use private jets?  What are the advantages of flying private over commercial?  If you need to fly a private jet, should you own it or charter a flight through a private jet company

There are many reasons why people choose to charter private flights, but overall, private jets provide convenient, luxurious options for clients whose time is money or who value a premium experience.  

Why private aviation:  Save time and money

The main reason people fly private jets is convenience:  it eliminates the time-wasting annoyance of waiting in lines at the airport.  For people who can’t afford to waste time or to have a delayed flight, commercial may not be an option.  

It may sound counter-intuitive that a private jet – something so associated with luxury – can save you money.  But for high-paid executives who place a high value on every minute and who need to quickly fly between international destinations, the time they save is worth the price tag. 

That’s why most private flights are for business people:  increased productivity.  Instead of waiting for hours at the airport, they can pull up minutes before departure – and then work during the flight in their private office in the sky.  

But not only that, private flights can land at smaller airports than commercial planes do, allowing flyers to potentially land closer to their destination and eliminate travel on the ground.  Private planes have access to ten times as many U.S. airports as commercial.  

Owning vs. renting

Many wealthy clients choose to own private jets for their aviation needs.  Some do this because they have a pilot’s license and want to be their own pilot.  Owning your own plane also allows you to leave your belongings in the plane rather than having to bring luggage to the runway for each flight.  

For people who are constantly flying from location to location, it may make sense to own a private plane.  But private planes are extremely expensive to own, and renting can provide the same luxury and convenience of a private jet without having to pay to maintain it when you’re not flying it.  

The upfront cost of a jet can be as high as $90 million, but on top of that, you’ll have to pay around one million dollars per year for fuel, maintenance, and other costs.  Pilots’ salaries alone can cost over $750,000 for a staff of three pilots. Many owners purchase two jets to make sure they can fly when one is in repairs.  

If you rent instead of buying, the cost and hassle of repairs will be handled by the private jet company.  It will also allow you the flexibility of being able to rent the plane you need for your flight.  

Finally, if you sometimes fly commercial, chartering rather than owning will allow you to book a last-minute private flight home without spending time and money to get your private jet to your location.